Monday, September 25, 2006

Day of leisure

I am on vacation today. Back to work tomorrow.

Hubby and I went first to Michaels, and went aisle by aisle, and bought tons of craft stuff. He has a photo design business, and his head is spinning with ideas. I love to see that, because then I get to go to Michaels and really browse, with no rush. I like it, until we hit the cash register. OUCH.

Then we went for lunch, to Harveys hamburgers. I have not had those for eons, and I had mine with everything by mayo and hot peppers, oh, and I also had onion rings, instead of French Fries. I truly enjoyed my lunch. Hubby had a grilled chicken sandwich....with mayo and tomato.
plus fries.

From Harveys we went to Rona building supplies, and finally from there we were heading towards home.

There is a park in the valley near home and sometimes, like today, we go and get a coffee from a drive-in coffee place, drive to the park and have the coffee there. Well, today we also took pictures of the budding fall colors. The colors are not very bright yet, only somewhat muted, but I liked them regardless.

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Janet said...

Oh, I'm jealous!! I love fall colors and your photo is beautiful.
What a fun day you had....Michaels with hubby, lunch out, and coffee in the park. That sounds just about perfect to me.