Friday, September 22, 2006

Idle rambling

These are shopping carts in a shopping center, somewhere near Helsinki. They look so beautiful, lined up like that. Can you imagine if your kid wants the green one from the middle. Heheh.

I have been lacking any inspiration lately. I go to work, come home, stare at my many WIPs and get nothing done. I did watch Grey's Anatomy and CSI new episodes last night. Oh, and the other night I watched Bones, Criminal Minds and CSI NY. Now, if I could last until next Tuesday, Gilmore Girls are supposed to begin a new season. Not bad for someone who doesn't watch TV too much.

WIP in my knitting basket is a dress for our granddaughter. She's going to be 2 years next week. I am working on the second sleeve. Then to finish the front and back bodice. The back bodice is almost done. I have also been working on some earrings and bracelets. But the dress is now number one project. I hope to finish it today. I also have a paisley portrait to finish by my friend's birthday, which is tomorrow. The portrait is a paisley group project and the deadline is tomorrow. I am off work today, since I still have quite a few vacation days left, and have to use them before this year ends. I have no plans to go anywhere for two weeks. I kind of like taking a long weekend here and there. I am off on Monday, too. This is so relaxing, don't you think.

My home is a mess, but this is a vacation day, so no house cleaning today. Of course, when I get tired of knitting or crocheting, I will tidy up a little bit. Woohooo, like laundry. Get real, woman! I just felt shivers going thru my body, thinking of housework. ICK.

Here is my niece's cat. Isn't she beautiful. My niece has three cats, but I only got a nice picture of this one, the other two were curved up into a ball, and I didn't really feel like taking pictures of furballs, well I did, but they will stay in my files. This cat wanted to show off and was walking around me as if to tell me to take more pictures.

Back to knitting.

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Janet said...

Those shopping carts look so much more cheerful than the utilitarion ones we have!

Housework can always wait as far as I'm concerned! It will always come in last behind all the fun stuff.

I'm so glad you're home again. I missed you.