Friday, July 02, 2010

Walk to the mall

On a beautiful Friday noon, I decided to walk to the mall, instead of driving. It's amazing what you can see on your walks, no traffic, no road rage, no honking horns, just sunshine and warm breeze caressing your being.

Look around you, and see what really is there. Flowers, fences, blue sky, trees and playgrounds.

This little lonely flower is light blue or light lavender, but it was so sunny that my poor camera got confused and made it white. Just as the yellow flowers, they are much more yellow than the picture shows.

These white pompoms are by my home building. Don't ask me to name them, because I am not very good with plant names.

These plants are in the playground park. I suspect they have not been there very long, since there is construction going on in this area. At least some planting has been done already, which is nice.

The park has a playground area for the kids and why not for the adults, too. At least we have fun watching the kids, and help them to swing, or just sit on a bench and enjoy a nice summer day.

I could never stop and look at small wonders if I was driving and watching the road and other vehicles and whatnots that are on the road. Of course, there would be many wondrous things, like traffic lights, cross walk signs, and bus stops with leaning shelters. Those you could easily see from the car while driving. However, the small, lonely flowers, the amazing weeds, that look like garden beauties, are there hidden from the view in the heavy traffic areas. They are there, trust me. We just have to see things from a different view, admire nature, and appreciate the green that appears in the summer time.

Wow, Look at this beautiful litter box, have you seen those before?

And finally, my shopping trip is done, and I am going home.

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