Monday, June 21, 2010

Shawls shawls and more shawls

I don't think I have anything else in mind right now. This is obsessive startitis phenomenon is
taking up all my energy these days. It's one start today, another tomorrow, or better yet, two or three on one day.

While looking for something in my stash room (yes, I have a room for my hoarded yarns and other important items) I find interesting yarn and then I must try it. Sometimes I like the pattern and sometimes not, but if I like the pattern, I go and find some other yarn that might look even better on that project.
Tell me if I am weird, I have four shawl starts on the table and one in my bag, which is almost finished. Oops, no, I still have to knit about four rows with 336 stitches, then double the stitches and then knit about 20 something rows. I forgot how many. The shawl is designed by Myra Wood and is called Damselfly Shawl.

I have great knitting time when watching the World Cup games. I have not made too many mistakes, but indeed a few. Frogging has been minimal, because my mistakes have not been design features, but actual missed stitches, which would have spoiled the look even with my Noro yarn. So, what I have done, I added a missing stitch, or knitted two together when I had too many. That has happened with this one.
I am now on the last chart of the pattern and have 672 stitches on this project. In the picture it's hard to see, because my cable/needle is only 100 cm long and the shawl circ is way bigger than that. I can't wait to finish this one and show off.
I also joined a Collage Swap group, and this is my first ever collage. I was supposed to do two of them, but I am not very good at reading rules, so I missed that part. I must work on the second one tonight, so not too much knitting done on the shawl. Yeah, right.
It's raining and the traffic flows with the rain, miserably.

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