Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Another "Here I go again"

This time it's creating collage picture. Is that the correct definition? I've never done this, on purpose. When I was a teenager, I used to make cards with somewhat similar method, but theywere not called collage, they were called self-made cards.

I don't have a picture to show yet, since I just started. I got the inspiration form Janet's blog.She's an expert on this kind of art, and very good at it too. Just take a look, and WOW.

This new "hobby" is probably going to last only for a few creations, just like when I was makingATCs. I made maybe four or five, bought all kinds of papers, cut paper in the right size, and put everything in an "art" box. They are still there, untouched. BUT I have a need to try different things, and eventually something sticks with me. Just like Zentangle drawing. I think that is one wonderful and relaxing method of guiding a pen on a paper.
Oh, and another thing, too, the watercolors, hmph, had to try that one, too. Fortunately I didn't get to go to any art supply stores to buy something that I already have. Like brushes, I found tons of them, and watercolor buttons, oodles, I also found some acrylic paint tubes, and that tickles my inspiration regarding this collage creation I am going to do when I get home tonight.
Of course I will do some knitting first, since one shawl is almost finished. I am on the cast off row, but there are over 200 stitches, so it's going to take a while. I'll post a picture of that here.

The pattern is Forest Canopy Shawl and yarn is Woolen Rabbit Oasis, which is silk and camel.It's a nice yarn.
Any other projects that are waiting for my attention might get in the way of my new interest. However, I am not always so sure of my actions, and don't like making plans, so I just might do some collage art tonight.
I must mention here that the International Freeform 2010 Challenge book is now available here. The book is amazing. You would be able to see the wonderful art in this book that was created by over 60 members. You will be very pleased to see all the eye-candy in this book.


Janet said...

Pirk, I'm so glad you joined the collage swap. I know you'll have fun and make some beautiful art. The zentangle drawing here is FANTASTIC!!!! I could just sit and look at it for hours. You manage to get so many lines going in different directions and it all looks so neat and perfect. I love this piece.

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