Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I must be off the wall, seriously

There are three items in my bag, to do today at lunch.
I have a pair of socks, working on the gussett decreases,
a start of a vest, pattern from Knit 'n Style, October magazine,
and an unstarted yarn skein, that is going to be socks from a
British magazine "The Knitter", issue 21.

Do you think I could do all that, while I eat my lunch, chat
with co-workers, and play cards? Not likely. Why do I do this?
I knew that I could not work on everything at the same time, but
yet I took all this, and almost the Ishbel shawl also.
A friend of mine had bought the pattern for me, for my birthday.

I must admit that I feel lost and missing something (other than brains) if I don't
have many projects with me.

Yesterday I went to a nearby yarn store to buy one circular needle,
size 4 mm. I have lots of them, but all are somewhere else, or I don't
like how the cable coils and doesn't stay put as in my older circular
needles. Well, I did not have any projects with me when I went to
that store, and I felt a big anxious. I might have a slight problem
with this "knitting/crocheting carrying with me" business.

I am also waiting for a sock kit to arrive from the States. It's a kit
to make socks and the money, most of it, or some of it, goes for
charity. Ovarian cancer society. The sock yarn color is teal, which is
supposed to be the color for this charity.

I am also waiting for my copy of Knit 'n Style, August magazine,
which I have ordered about two weeks ago, maybe less, but it feels
like hundred years ago. There is a pattern for a cardigan that I want
to make with my Novita Alpaca yarn that my SIL bought for me in Finland.

Oh, yeah, I went to Finland in July and came back in August. That was just about two weeks in there. My trip was a total success. It was relaxing and laid back
trip. I didn't have to go anywhere special, like tourist attractions. I visited the family and that was the main reason for my quick visit.

Continued later:

Would you believe this: The Knit 'n Style magazine arrived today, soon after I posted about it.
Here is the jacket I want to make:

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Janet said...

You're back! I got your postcard so I knew you were in Finland but didn't know you were home again. It sounds like you had a good trip.

As for the knitting obsession, you probably aren't alone. But I don't know how you keep all your projects going! Do you knit in your sleep??