Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Walking on my words

The spell check doesn't want to check anything for me. If there
are annoying mistakes, just ignore them.

Once again I spent several valuable minutes looking for a journal which was hidden somewhere in my yarn stash room. However, I found some other items that inspired me for a few moments. There was a "Knitter's Journal", neatly resting between some knitting magazines.

Looking at the pages I discovered that I had not been interested in keeping a knitting journal, since all the pages were empty. It is such a pity that I get enthusiastic about something and then the thought disappears as soon as something else catches my eyes.
This time it was a note pad with a nice, soft cover with pockets.

It was a little bit too large, though, for my idea of having a smaller journal that could fit my not-so-large handbag. Of course, I have a good sized tote bag with me every day when I go to work, but I put some other very important items in it, like my knitting, and perhaps crocheting. I also keep patterns, and magazines in my tote bag. Sometimes I don't even take those things out, but I need my bag, just to have something "just in case". Now I will have a journal. It has a nice "leather" cover. What ever "bonded leather" means. It has a Thomas Kinkade drawing on the front cover, which makes my journal very special. Wether I write anything on it, is another story.

Writing requires private time, at least for me. It could be in the morning, but that is when it takes about an hour for me to properly wake up. I could easily get up forty minutes before I go to work, if only I was awake. But no, first, I need my 20 minutes yawning excercises, and then some one minute spleeping spasms in front of my computer, while I try to check my e-mail. This is not such a good idea to do when one has just tried to wake up. Sometimes it's easier just to solve a jigsaw puzzle, and then watch morning news and get ready for work.

Of course, weekends are an exception to my morning rituals. If I am lucky, I might sleep in, and then the whole day is ruined, because it still takes an hour to wake up, and sooner than I realize, it's noon, and all the weekend plans have been demolished. One of the plans would have been knitting all morning until noon. Hah.

I will not mention my "Art Journal" which I started a few months ago. I think I filled four or five pages. I will not talk about that.

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