Tuesday, February 05, 2008

To-Do list

This list was stolen from Janet's blog. except number 7, that's mine.

I shall monitor myself eagerly this week.

1. Keep doing art each day. Even if it's just a scribble.
Monday: none
Tuesday: None

2. Eat healthy meals and drink plenty of water.
Monday: Chili con Carne, cheese on multigrain bagel
not too much water , do I mention the unhealthy stuff?
Tuesday: multigrain cheese sandwich, baked in the oven
pork loin chops (1.5) , two hot dogs for dinner

3. Read more and watch less tv.
Monday: There is nothing on tv anyway, all reruns, or uninteresting shows,
I read knitting patterns

Tuesday: Crocheting all night

4. Don't sit around in my jammies until late afternoon!!
Wait until the weekend

5. Take more photos.
Monday: none taken
Tuesday: Took some pictures of the froggies

6. Write in my journal every day.
Monday: none written
Tuesday: does this count?

7. Knit/crochet a few rows at least each day
Monday: Knitted 3 hours at night

Tuesday: Knitted one hour, crocheted 2

And here is the crocheted Froggie buddies (the first one is hanging in my car)

1 comment:

Janet said...

So far I think you're doing much better than I am!!

Your little froggie buddies are so cute. I love their big eyes!