Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sometimes it works and Sometimes it doesn't

I took my mystery sock project, and decided to finish the socks off, since I had done the heel on both socks, and was ready for the foot part. Just a little side remark here: I have not knitted even one pair of socks yet, without frogging at least some of the work. Well, this time was not
different. The design just didn't look right, I had started the heel flap in the wrong place, thus creating an uneven pattern design. If these socks weren't for a gift, I would have just continued, and kept them for myself, but no, I had decided to give them as a Christmas gift.

So I frogged, and frogged, and started the heel flap again, this time at the right place. The pattern design shifts from one chart set to another. I had to set the needles up to the right position to get the pattern line up properly. I think I got it now. And this time math was not involved, just my arrogant, know-it-all attitude didn't allow me to stop and think what should be done.

It's snowing now, and snowing tomorrow, which means that I'll be knitting all day tomorrow.

I almost forgot to mention that I went to Purple Purl this morning, just to say hello to my friends. All they way there I was singing: "no yarn today, no yarn today, I am not going to buy yarn today, lalalaaaa".

I left the store with one ball of Tofutsie yarn, and one hank of Indigo Moon (green)yarn, as well as a book byJane Ellison, "The Mirasol Collection, 2007".

It does not pay to sing songs when one goes to a yarn store.

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Lisa said...

Yeah, songs have never worked for me either in these situations. Your parting sentence made me laugh out loud, and I'm in the house alone!