Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

I have not been in a very festive mood this Christmas time. We don't even have our tree up. I bought a small potted fir from a grocery store, and put some little decorations on it. The tree does not have any lights on it, and it's just as well.

The kids are coming for dinner tomorrow afternoon. We will have turkey and the trimmings, just as if it was still Christmas. I still have to wrap the presents, but don't have too much paper, because I thought I had leftovers from last year, but didn't. So, we have to go to the store in the morning just to get the dang paper, and then wrap whatever I have for the kids. Kids= DS, DIL, DGD, DGS.

I've cleared my work area from my knitting clutter, and hope that when I need something I'll remember where everything is. This will not happen, I know from experience. You see, I do my crafts at the dining table and little by little more and more stuff is brought in to work with, so sometimes there is hardly any room to move around the table.

I worked like a madwoman to get my hubby's vest done, before Christmas. I finished it on the 23rd. I had plans to go and visit my friends at Purple Purl, but I was glued to my chair, and knitting needles.

Then was time for cooking and baking. Baking? I have not done too much baking in recent years, but this time I got inspired because a friend of mine was telling how she was going to make this and that, cookies, cakes and coffee bread. Of course I had to make some too, because I was thinking of the nice smell in our home when something was baking in the oven.
I also finished my granddaughter's pullover and sweater. Pullover needed finishing the seams, and the sweater needed buttons.

Granddaughter has a favorite doll, and I made a mattress and a blanket for a basket that I had bought just for the doll.

Well, now my fingers are sore, and tingling, but I finished almost everything I wanted to finish. Except socks for Ravelry November mystery, but I still have until the 31st to get them done. I am almost finished with socks for my hubby, but he was so happy with his new vest that he said he could wait for the socks. He has to. I am not knitting those this week. I'll finish the mystery socks first.


Lisa said...

That's a lot of knitting! My favorite is the vest. Beautiful job!

Lisa said...
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