Friday, December 14, 2007

Some Knitting done

Finished socks for my son, finished a scarf for someone, and started a CPH (Central Park Hoodie).
I had some problem with the yarn. I had 10 skeins of Bernat Wool Blend in "sand and slate", but realized that it just was not enough. Hubby went to our locker room, and got trillions of boxes fallen on top of him, when he was trying to find a box that had brown yarn. I wanted brown. While he was doing that, I had called some Wal-Marts to find out if any of them had the yarn. Sure enough, some of them yes, but far away from me. My co-worker went to get the yarn for me, on her way home. Such a sweet girl. Now I have tons of Wool Blend yarn; however, hubby brought, from the locker room, delicious green yarns. Those yarns are from way back when? the 1990's, oh, phleeez,
well, to be honest, I have older yarn than that. But let's not go there. I have a slight problem with being yarnieholic. I can't use "stashaholic" because my friend has that name already. Anyway, I have yarn, and crochet thread, everywhere, but not so much that I could not buy more. That is a reasonable argument, isn't it.
The socks in the picture are done with Bernat's Wool Blend, Taupe. If I make another pair of socks with that yarn, I will use size 3 mm needles, instead of 3.75 mm. Fortunately those socks are meant for indoor use only, not to be worn with fancy shoes or boots. The socks are quite thick, after all the yarn is worsted weight.
The CPH is going to be made with one yarn from EATON'S. The store closed doors in 2002, but I had bought the yarn way before that. The other yarn is from Lewiscraft. That store closed doors in 2005, and again, the yarn was bought way before that.
The scarf. Interesting yarn, but I have no idea what is the name. I bought it at Lewiscraft, when they had the closing out sales. The yarn was in Glad sandwich bags (they are great for single skeins), and no name on the yarn. (I wonder if Loblaws had anything to do with that yarn...Loblaws is a grocery store here that sell n0-name brands, as well as name brands, etc.)

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