Wednesday, July 11, 2007

FreeForm Top

It's done!!!!!
Look at all those different colors of the same thing.
I have a beige camisole underneath, but that is not a good choice in these pictures. However, You should be able to get an idea what this piece of clothing is all about.
My patience has gone to the basement, and didn't want to play around too much with the editing.
I will do it later, when I come back from Manchester (NH). I am leaving EARLY in the morning on Thursday.
Thank You ladies for your nice comments. I am sorry I have not replied, but I tried to get this thing done before I go.


Nanabear said...

Congratulations!! Such a wonderful finished project! We will need to see pictures with you wearing it. Beautiful work - it shows off your talent to the max!!
Gisele / Nanabear

Sherri said...

It's beautiful Pirk. Very subtle (for you!) I love it.

Janet said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! That is just so beautiful. I hope you enjoy wearing it after all that work....and I hope you take some photos of you wearing it. Sorry I missed you before you left but I'll catch you when you get back. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Pirk, it is wonderful. Hope you have a great time and I agree with the others who posted...we need to see you wearing the top! Hugs, Pat

Patrice said...

Absolutely beautiful, Pirk!!