Saturday, July 07, 2007

Clue 2 done

Mysterystole3, clue number 2 was finished this morning around 11.

I have frogged more times on this project than I have in any other work. It's probably because I make careless mistakes. I also get my place lost, when I watch telly or talk to hubby.

However, I managed to get the second clue done and I am happy.


Sherri said...

It's lovely!

I'm with you on the frogging...I'm setting a record here - knit one row frog three!

Hope to finish mine sometime this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful Pirko! I'm being a little fanatical after each row counting all the stitches each time so hopefully I don't have to frog as much - which is fine as long as I don't make another mistake while repairing the first one Liz B.

Janet said...


katja_helena said...

Uskomattoman kauniita juttuja olet tehnyt. TÄllä suus auki katselen ei voi kun ihastella!