Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Candy Kick

Every once in a while I am craving for licorice. I just could hug a grocery store, where they sell good licorice. Just thinking of hugging a grocery store makes me wonder, how could I do that.

So I won't. I just go in, buy the normal stuff, like bread and some meat and cheese, and then I head for the candy aisle. wooohooo, they had three different kinds from Finland. I had two bags in my lunch bag today. I had to empty the candy bags, to scan the picture.

Fortunately I have a dish in my office, to pour the candies into it, instead of eating everything before scanning. It's a good trick to eat licorice before lunch. Although I have a "sloppy Joe"-type lunch today (multigrain bread, hamburger meat and cheese), I don't feel hungry now.

I love "sloppy joes" . We used to make them quite often when my son was a kid. He's not a kid any more, he has his own kid, and another one coming soon.

Talking about kids, our other grand kid, the one who just had his first birthday, decided to put a doughnut inside the VCR. His 3 year old sister goes to the computer, finds a picture of her "boyfriend" and prints it. The parents had to take the paper and ink cartridges out, because she was printing pictures for her friends.

While I am thinking of candies and cookies, drinking green tea (cold, in a bottle), eating healthy food (I said "thinking of candies and cookies"), I am watching Copa America soccer games as well as FIFA U-20 games. I even understand some of the language now. Specially the word "Gol". One of the commentators will say that at least five times after a goal. It feels good, when the goal is done with a team that I like, not when the other team gets a goal. You know, don't you?

Oh, and then the crocheting part. I am getting very uncertain of my abilities to finish the summer top. I just keep making little "fillers" and have no idea where they should go. I call them "scrumblettes". I have used the Irish Crochet technique, in freeform style, whatever that is. Here is a sample of some. I like making rings, as you can see:

The background color is icky, please forgive me for choosing that view.

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Janet said...

Licorice, huh! My son loves really good licorice. He would like this.

Sloppy joes are one of those easy things I can make for my hubby. He likes them.

I hope you finish the summer top. I'm sure it will be gorgeous. I've not crocheted anything for so long and then a couple of days ago I made some pot holders for my daughter! Nothing challenging but she needed them so I whipped out a few. It felt good to crochet even something simple and easy. I always think it's relaxing.