Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday off work

It's a sunny looking day, and the wind is hugging the trees.
I am off work today, needed some time to think about things, and finish off
the FreeForm crochet project for the Annual Challenge for International Freeform Fiberart Guild.

We now have two cats, Merlin, who came first, and then Missy, who arrived February 14th this year.
This one is Missy, the wicked one.  Merlin looks on, I love that picture, actually both of these.  The personality of both shows well in these pictures.

I also made two hats,
 We had a weird winter, long and cold, lots of snow and it kept the spring waiting.  But now it looks like we have warmer weather around us, at least in our area.
This snow came on the 15th of April this year (2014).

I had also made a doll for a baby who was born late 2013.  There is no pattern for this doll, I am sorry.
It's done with stash yarns, and using my imagination and creative fluids.

This Shawl is for me, I think it's one of my favourites.  I used Koigu yarns, and the pattern is from here.

I have always been crazy about Karelian pies. I decided to try my skills on them, and they
looked like this before going into the oven.  I tried, well, I think next time I have the urge to eat a pie,
I will buy them, if I can catch them in a Finnish bakery here.  

Don't they look as homemade Karelian Pies?  They were not too bad, but I had made a few baking
mistakes, and that is the reason they were not those yummy ones I have eaten before.

There will be more posts in the future, as I might have more time to finish some knit and crochet projects.

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