Thursday, April 14, 2011

Title is a five-letter word.

Why is it so hard to invent a title for a blog story?

Title has several meanings, it tells what the story is going to be,
or at least supposed to be. It can also tell if the person is married,
single, or if we go to professional titles, then that will be another meaning.

Some people have two letter words as a title, but trillions of letters
after the name. Depending on the title, a business card might be filled
with extra letters.

Now, the title for today's news is nothing much,
I will think about it later, or not.

I have been very lazy in writing anything and for anyone.
Sometimes a person needs to be lazy, it is like re-charging your brain power.
I don't really have that much of that power, but I still like to think
that being lazy will bring some extra oxygen molecules to my poor brain cells.

I bought a Kobo e-reader some time ago, and was quite excited when
I was able to put my PDF files in it, and carry all my important documents
(=patterns) with me, just in case I decided to knit or crochet some.
I also have some free books and at least three bought books, the "Girl"books.
"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", The Girl Who Played with Fire"
and the last one, the name has escaped my re-charged memory filing folder.
I have seen the movie Dragon Tattoo twice, and red the book once.
I am in the middle of the second book, and for some insane reason
I am not too interested in it. There is too much about the magazine,
which I skipped, most of it, I want to know about Salander, and never
mind the magazine. Oh, well.

Then I decided that updating library on Kobo was way too complicated
and decided to buy Kindle reader from Amazon. I have been very happy,
and it's much easier to load books in it. I have the wireless whispering
delivery, love the swoosh, it's like a ghost floating by.
I have tons of free books, and some bought ones also. One of the free books is
"The Abandoned", by Amanda Stevens, and the story was to be some kind
of psychological thriller with some paranormal stuff. Of course I nabbed it,
since that sort of thing fascinates me.

Ghost Hunters is ... em...was one of my favorite programs, but it's getting
boring, those guys talk too much. Oh, and we get re-runs, the new ones
might appear in a year or two. I don't have satellite TV, so I have to rely
on our wonderful Rogers system. (Did I say "Wonderful"? I meant something
else, but I am a polite person and don't say bad words) (sometimes I try to
manipulate the truth a little bit, forgive me)

Yes, the book Abandoned.
Well, yes, it had some ghosts and spirits, and shivers, but I was not too
impressed because the whole time I knew what was going to happen,
and sure enough, I just knew it. At the end, checking the next book in
this series I found out it was a Harlequin Romance series. Not too fond
of those books. Not that I am saying they are bad, at least very bad, but
not for me, thank you very much. It was a good thing that the book was
easy reading, and not too many pages.

Some of my lazy time has been
with my Kindle, she's a kind friend. Always available to help me in my
moment of "I don't feel like doing anything". Do you ever have those moments?
Well, I do.

Of course I have done other things too, since the last post...ick, it was in
January. A few hoodies for the grand kids, some socks, and several
attempts in other type of projects. I have been working some on my freeform
challenge piece which is due May 1st. I might be able to swing it, if I stop
this laziness cycle. My pride project was a pair of socks, design by Lucy
Neatby, and here they are:

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