Saturday, March 13, 2010

Latest spree

Zentangles have given me some new ideas for crocheting.

Most of these were done in March. However, when I look back into my drawing "career" I have done this type drawing for years.
I have more in my flickr album, if you are interested in seeing some of my work. Not everything is there, most of my stuff is in
a chest that my father gave me when I was a teenager.

From this style of drawing I decided that I should be able to use a crochet hook to "draw" some zentangles, and so I did. Here is a picture what I have done since the idea came to my mind:
I was fortunate to find more of that lighter color thread, which is used to join those pieces together. I went to Romni Wools yesterday, and later met my friends at Purl around lunch time. My idea of going to Eaton's Centre didn't pan out, since wanted to go to Purl. Had a great time, once again.

My upstairs "neighbors" woke me up this morning, by banging something with a hammer or what ever. Do people have to nail things at 9:30 in the morning when people like to sleep in.
Oh, well, I really don't like getting up that late, because half the best time of the day for chores is gone. Besides, I have to have this lazy time too, when I wake up. It's been a bit too long now.
Time to get going and looking productive.


Janet said...

Your zentangles are so beautiful! And I love the idea of crocheting them. You are most definitely an artist using so many different mediums.

LissC said...

What a great idea you have knititng your zentangles. I love it! You've inspired me to try the same with my beading.