Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Butterflies, Flowers and Cards

I was looking for ideas to use on cards that I want to make. I found a butterfly that I had made a long time ago, and decided to use those little critters. Now, where to find a quick and easy pattern, so that I don't have to start thinking.

Went to Crochet Pattern Central and then Butterflies, and WOW, the first one I clicked on was this one: Crocheted Sass.

I made three butterflies in about 5 minutes, and loving the easiness yet prettiness in making the winged beauty.

After a little while, I went back to CPC and clicked on Spring Butterfly and that one is easy, also.

Of course there are oodles and oodles of butterfly patterns, but I need to finish the card before Easter is over.

To make this card, you will need:

-a blank card, either bought or made from cardboard
-felt fabric
-good glue, fabric glue would be good for the flowers and butterflies
-crocheted rope (or if you want, some ribbon)

Here is what I have done this far:

1: Cut a suitable sized card from a file folder

2: Cut felt fabric to fit on top of one side of the card

3: Glued the fabric on

4: Assembled the ready made butterflies and flowers on the fabric. I will glue them on later.

5: I have stopped for tonight, because I don't have good fabric glue, which I will get tomorrow.

Of course, if you think it would be better to sew the flowers and butterflies on the fabric go ahead, but do it before the fabric is glued on the card.

March 24, 2010.
Finished the card. Now I need to invent some sort of text inside.
This is a birthday card for a friend.


Sherri said...

Very sweet! You could do that for Valentine's Day with hearts or Christmas with snowflakes too.

Pirk said...

Thank you Sherri.
I've wanted to make these cards
for a long time.