Friday, May 01, 2009

Knitting Imps

Another month has gone.
In some parts of the world this is a Special Day. In Finland it's Vappu, and they drink Sima and
eat Tippaleipa. In some countries it's called May Day, not the one that calls for help, but calls for
parades and other festivities. If I am correct, it's equal to Canada's Labour Day, which is in September. We don't drink Sima or eat Tippaleipa, we do other stuff, like if I knew, I would tell.

I did not make any of those traditional items, but I did bake a cake for Easter.

Can you imagine,
I have not been here since in the beginning of April (I hate the month of April).

Some of the reasons for not liking April

1. It's the tax month. I have every intention to finish this
tax return stuff during February, but there is always "tomorrow"
and all of a sudden it's the mid April. Hate it, Hate it.

The only good thing about April is that my son has a birthday.

2. It's the tax month. Getting papers to our accountant in the last minute kills me, because she is busy with other last-minuters. I don't want to be one of them, but I am, and it makes me sick, but not sick enough to do the paperwork in February.

3. It's the tax month. Every day is a day of "I should do the paperwork" Oh, please, some powers, please erase the procrastinator syndrome from my being, and make me an organized,
go-get-it-done-now person. Oh, phleeeez

Well, I think you got the idea. Next year I will not hate April, I will hate February. Oh, yes, it's better, because in February I wait for the winter to end, and all the yucky snow melt (the snow that is covered with road dirt), the white stuff is pretty.

What else was happening in April? I was creating stuff every single day. It was either crocheting freeform scrumbles or knitting socks, or making a mess with a sweater I am TRYING to knit for my stepdaughter. I have frogged the front piece once. I have frogged one sleeve completely, I have frogged the other sleeve half way down. I have frogged many rows, due to twisting the stitches wrong way, or cables turning the wrong way. This sweater is a real DEVIL.

The picture shows a beautiful sweater, mine is not nearly as nice as that. Besides, there are no bobbles on mine, that's just too much work. This pattern is in a Sandra magazine from 2003.

I am using Filatura Di Crosa Zara yarn. It's a nice and expensive yarn, but don't ever let me buy this yarn again. It splits, it does not hide loose stitches, they just don't even out, after blocking or washing.
The sweater, though, is going to be super soft.

I finished, finally, a small size pair of Jaywalker socks, Finally. I will not make another pair of Jaywalker socks, not for a loooong time.
The pattern is nice, and the socks are pretty, but don't ask me to make a pair. Thank you very much.

On one beautiful April day, I went to see the Coral Reef pictures at "the Institute for Figuring". Of course I had to make one, once again. I am always amazed to see the pictures of those Coral Reefs that people around the world have made (including me, I have pieces in Londong, UK, and NYC, exhibitions). Not the one that is in this picture, though. This one is my last week's inspiration. I don't have a picture of the complete piece.

April was also a month for Knitters Frolic. I went with an idea to buy a weaving loom. Instead, I bought a canvas knitting bag, two skeins of sock yarn (50% off sale on that yarn), some bamboo sock needles, a circular bamboo needle, Misti Baby Alpaca yarn, and
"Hooked on Murder" novel. No, I have not read it, must finish the sweater first. Didn't buy the weaving loom, Cricket.
I am waiting for a better balance in my savings account.

My sister is building a doll house, so I decided to weave some little rugs for her house. This will be a surprise for her, so do not tell that these two little rugs are already in the mail.

When I come back from my vacation, I will take up this weaving thing more seriously. So far I am just a beginner, and have done only small things, with my Pink WL.

Other pleasant things during April,
My son and my granddaughter and of course me, went for lunch for his birthday. This was a few days later, because he decided to have his special day in the middle of the week. Who wants to go out on a weekday? We went on Sunday. The place belonged to a Mr. Greek. I didn't meet him, but the food was good, and plenty, and believe it or not, I could not finish my salad, only the olives, cucumbers, feta cheese, and some of the lettuce, but I did manage the chicken on the pita (did not eat all of that pita) and that white stuff, tzatziki yummy. Grandaughter had ice cream, too, because she had the kiddie menu and it came with ice cream. what's with that policy? I wanted some, too, but there would have been an extra charge for that. Grandmothers should be treated with same respect.


Janet said...

The tax month for sure!! Yuk! But you've been busy as always! I think your sister will be surprised and will love the little woven rugs you made.

And all the other things you've done in April! Plus you made me hungry talking about all that delicious Greek food. There goes my diet!!

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