Saturday, April 04, 2009

Socks and Weaving

What the heck has happened lately? There hasn't been a moment of non-creativity during the last few weeks. Have I finished anything? Yeah, socks, what else. I am so lacking
imagination, when I have things on my "must-to-do" list. These socks are all for gifts.

The pictures show the two pairs I finished this week.

I have also done some weaving, but there isn't a picture that I could share at this time.

A friend of mine sold her RAM Loom to me, and I picked it up last night, and assembled it this afternoon.
Here is my new toy:

I almost forgot, I received the other weaving loom, Spear's Loom, size 3, over a week ago, and have not even tried it yet. The socks have taken most of my time. I have one more pair of socks to make, and then there is a sweater to finish for my DIL.

The picture shows my collection of weaving looms. What else is new.
I started with the pink one, and then came potholder loom, and then Spear's weaving loom. Oh, for crying out loud, yes, the Ikea one is the first one, but it was in the box, until I discovered how wonderful a new hobby I had. Mind you, I don't really care for that Ikea one, but I will give it a try, one of these days, when I want to do something crazy. The creation that is with the Spear's loom isn't mine, it came with the loom. That is the one I won at e-Bay, early in March.

It's Saturday afternoon, and I have some chores to do, before hubby comes home. I spent too much time with my new toy. After finishing the chores, I will try to knit as much as possible on the pair of socks that are on the needles and then relax...sure.


Janet said...

You must dream about knitting socks! Do you have any idea how many pairs you've actually made?

As for the looms, they look very interesting but I'm trying not to get too interested! I've always thought weaving looked like fun however right now I'm up to my eyeballs with projects and classes! I played all day in the studio.

Pirk said...

The most recent socks are for gifts.

I have started many, and finished less. I have no idea how many, but
close to 10 in all, I think.

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