Thursday, March 19, 2009

Potholder Loom

The tool/toy arrived the other day. Last night I decided to try create something. The PL came with ready loops to make a potholder. I wanted to make a red one. Not enough red, added pink,
not so many pink loops. I ended up with pink, red, some orange and purple. So much for a red

Also, I made the thing too tight, so now it's more like a hotpad. I started another one, but got distracted, and decided that this thing just doesn't like me. Or I don't like IT. I took that second start out, and decided to try with cotton yarn. Whelll, the stupid yarn kept sliding off where I had
"securely" attached the end, securely - my behind. I got one yarn weaved in, and then the whole
thing fell apart, due to my secure yarn attachment manipulation.

I am back to freeform crocheting now, at least that makes me feel appreciated by my hooks and yarns and threads.

And here is a picture of a bag I made this week:

Isn't it pretty?
The original pattern is knitted, and is here. I saw someone's bag that was crocheted,
and I decided that if I wanted to make it quickly, I better crochet it.

I used Red Heart yarn, and there is one panel with Bernat's yarn. The bag is not very deep, but perfect for a fun show-off, or shopping for light stuff.


Solar Powered Cars said...

What is Potholder Loom? I dont know what kinds of thing is this?

Christmas Fancy Dress said...

I Think you should add some more information about this pattern....

Pirk said...

You use Potholder loom to weave yarn or fabric to create a square that could be used as a potholder. Or make lots of squares and sew them together and make a big square like a blanket or what ever your imagination allows.

Pirk said...

Dear Christmas,
I have no patterns other than what was with the kit. I have not tried to make anything else, since my first attempt.

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