Thursday, March 12, 2009

My latest obsession

It was Cricket weaving loom in a Lion Brand newsletter that tricked my interest in weaving.
Oh, I was in love, it looked so neat. I asked my friend Noreen for her opinion. Of course she liked the loom. I got very excited and started using my math brain cells, and this time they worked, and I came to a decision, this Cricket was way over my budget in price. First, there is the over the border hump, the dollar amount has to be brought over it, and then the carrying charges, plus the customs officer's salary has to be paid somehow, so Canada Customs probably would take someone's hourly pay from me.

I was not ready to fork out that kind of money, so I settled on a potholder loom, which is going to cost me an arm and a leg to get it over here, from the good old USA. I also won one weaving loom at the e-Bay, and that shipping isn't free either.

Plus the books I now need to learn to put yarn thru those wasps, ooops, warps....let me check it that is the right word. Sounds weird, but I think that is the word. Anyway, I have now spent the amount of money on other things, including some knitting and crocheting books, that I would have spent on that Cricket. I am not sure if I have done a right choice. I will, I know, buy that Cricket one day, too. Unless I absolutely hate weaving.

My friend Sherri would know exactly what I mean by upgrading the tools section in crafts. She spins, and has some nice equipment to do that. Just like that Lucille 2 in the picture, with Hugo sitting on top of it.

While I am waiting for my nice looms, I am knitting socks, crocheting freeform scrumbles and dream about having enough time to finish all my WIPs before May. Why May? because I have to have my job stuff done
before I go on vacation. That's why.


Sherri said...

You can teach me how to do it when you become the expert - it's something I've always wanted to learn :-)

Pirk said...

Ok, I'll do that, I hope you have time to wait, hehe.