Friday, October 24, 2008

Knitting a hoodie

Friday, October 24, 2008

Here I am, trying to finish the second hoodie. The one with red and pink yarns.

Meanwhile I tend to do anything else but knit.
I got a sudden craving for a Jansson's Temptation casserole. But I don't have cream or anchovies.

I am on a mini vacation trying to finish my knitting WIPs for the grand kids, and then continue on with my own Kimono Jacket, that is waiting patiently on top of my hoodie yarn pile.
I'm on the hood part on the last hoodie, but my mind keeps wandering every this way and that.

There are too many things in my mind that knitting has become secondary.

I finished the hoodie, finally, and then I heard that our granddaughter really likes the yellow halter top I made for her in 2007. Now she likes pink. Guess what, I started one in Lily cotton yarn on Friday night. My intention was to continue with that yarn and decorate with some other colors.
However, the yarn is more peachy than pink, and I am somewhat crazy about that sort of thing, the color is not perfect, and it bothered me to a great deal. I am sure, Valen would like the halter top, no matter what color.

On Saturday morning I was getting ready for my babysitting event later in the afternoon.
I had the halter top start, design by Margaret Hubert, and three crochet books for toddlers.
I decided to go and visit my long-time yarn store friend, who has a small store
in the eastern part of our city. I have been going there for years. If I want Patons Grace,
or other good quality, not too expensive cotton yarn, I will go there.

This time I wanted pink Patons Grace. Sure enough, she had it, and then I got some
red to improvise the pink.

Needless to say, my hook for Grace was not in the right size, it was for the yarn I had
in my nice black, leather Jordana Paige bag. There I went again, at the hook section.
I found Aero, and Prym hooks and took one of each that might be good for my pink yarn.

On my way towards my son's home, I decided that my DIL needed socks for a birthday
gift, so I stopped at Zellers nearby. Went straight to the yarn section, where else? Haha.
I had almost given up, when I saw this beautiful charcoal colored yarn on the top shelf.

It was Bernat's Alpaca yarn, so soft that I had to feel it over and over again. There was
winter white skein of the same yarn, only one ball, and it looked with its big whitish
eyes at me, and begged me to make a date with that handsome charcoal skein.

Romantic as I am, I complied with that suggestion. Of course, then I needed needles.
Why, oh why they still sell needles in four-sets. I had to get two.
There was a nice surprise at the cash, the yarn was less than the sign on the shelf
had indicated. The needles were more expensive than the sign had said, or what
I thought it had said, but my total was still less than what I had calculated in my head.
I was never good in math at school, by this time of my life, I might have learned
a little bit more.

My babysitting subject, hehe, my grandson was sleeping, and I got into my knitting,
never mind the halter top. The birthday gift had to be done in a few days.

I got to the heel part, and happily did the decreases. Something looked really funny
in that area. I kept counting stitches, and counting decreases, but the bottom of
the heel was still strange looking. Finally my brain cells started receiving the smart
juices and I realized that I had not done that funny short row decrease thingy. (it's "turning
heel flap") It was time to frog. Fortunately the yarn is thick and I didn't lose any
stitches. The sock is now waiting for me to do the flap turning, but I had to find
a sock book that has the same amount of stitches as I do. The book I have for that
is "Not just Socks" by Sandi Rosner. I have made a few big socks, and the pattern
in that book is perfect.

I am not experienced sock knitter. I have done lots of cuffs, but not so
many heels. (in other words, lots of sock starts)

After frogging some of the sock, I put it aside, and started another halter top, the first one can
wait, since I had nice new yarn now. I crocheted quite a few rows, and fortunately it works up
quite fast, so I can get those two halter tops done in plenty of time before our SIL comes to visit.

It's Sunday morning, and I should be either knitting, or getting ready for some milk shopping, or doing laundry, or go to Purple Purl to visit the girls, but the way my mind works this day might
be anything but any of those ideas.

We'll see.

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