Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blogger's block

It's been a while, once again.

I am drinking tea! With a little bit of milk and a touch of sugar, just to take the bitterness out. My tea is very strong, just like my coffee, when I make it.

What have I been doing? Knitting like a maniac. Two of our grand kids, live in S.A., their dad is coming to our city on business, in the beginning of November. He is going to stay for a few days, and I have decided to knit hoodies for both kids. One "Wonderful Wallaby" is done, the other is in very good state of startitis. The picture does not show the real color which is very dark navy blue. Showing that, the picture would be quite dark.
When I come home and have checked my e-mail, I sit down with my knitting and hope to get as much as possible done before our son-in-law arrives.

Well, this morning I had to go and visit a physiotherapist, since my extreme knitting has caused some unwelcome pain in my left hand, arm, shoulder blade, and shoulder. It's probably due to the way I sit. When I had tingling in my hands, my doctor told me that "change your sitting position". This was long time before my back surgery and testing for carpal syndrome. He doesn't even think that I am serious when telling him that I have a crazy leg syndrome.

He is semi-retired now, and I had a great young doc on Saturday morning, giving me the referral slip for the physio. I think it's time to start looking for a doc who is current with modern syndromes. Like knitting fingers, crazy legs and so on.

It's been a great day so far. Amazon delivery brought a book for me. Of course I had ordered it, but the amount of books I get from Amazon, they should just bring me some books for fun.

This newest babe in my collection is Nicky Epstein's "Knitted Embellishments"
I have not been able to check the book too much, but what I have
seen is great. Not that I will ever make anything from this book, but looking and imagining of making things has to be enough, for now. I want to add an applique of a car on the hoodie pocket. I'm
sure I can buy one somewhere.
A friend of mine had posted a link to a great block. The lady is in her 80s and writes about politics. Great humorous stuff.
Yes, I voted yesterday. My guy didn't get in, but I voted.
Now I am entitled to complain if the government screws up. Pity that so many people who have the right to vote, didn't. I think only 59% of us voted. SHAME ON YOU ALL who didn't.
I am politically challenged, but I know when to use my civil rights.
The funny thing is that some of those who don't vote, scream and bitch the loudest about
how bad our government is.
I better stop now, before I get too many enemies.

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