Thursday, April 18, 2013

Insanity Strikes Again

I must be in a really deep slump.  I've started 4 or 5 Seraphina shawls this week, and having hard time with the yarn selection that would strike my interest.
Just to let you know, I have made at least 6 or 7 of those shawls already, all for gifts.

The only yarn that I have enough is Bernats Handicrafter crochet acrylic, in aqua color.  Which is kind of
growing into my liking department.  Not frogging a dark green that I started first. Then I started another one with  malabrigo yarn  which  can stay put since  I really don't like the color, (what in the world made me buy that one???) it also it would be a shame to do all the work and not get a big enough shawl,(I have only two hanks of it) or  trying to add some other color or hopefully similar color, but that would mean buying more yarn and I am definitely not in the mood for spending my coins on yarn (until the DKC Frolic at the end of this month)  I'll buy a coffee at Tims instead for now.

So, what else did I find in my rut?  One of the threads that I tried to combine with a light yellow thread pleased 
me to no end, and I decided to use it for another start of the spider web shawl.  
I was too lazy to go and look for the book I got at Nina's, knowing well enough that the pattern is there.

Instead I surfed  the web,  Ravelry and some close-by magazines, close enough not to get up from my 
chair. Merlin, the cat, would have been annoyed, as he was sleeping on his favorite place, on top of my expensive leather tote. How can I tell him no, when he looks so cute sleeping, all curled up to a nice black and white ball.

I found one pattern in one of the magazines I had bought in Argentina.  Instead of a square thingy for the web it had a pineapple design between the squares that were semi solid.  This was not too exciting for me, however. I didn't like the way the edges were done and furthermore, the chart was not for the whole thing, only 
part of it, and once I finished what was on the chart, I got totally confused how to continue.  Frog pond

Surfing again and found this one

This is what I did so far
(added on April 19th, 2013)

no pattern though but a picture, which was so small that I haphazardly guessed how it was done.  Of course, 
when I got to the row where I should have started the second set of spider webs, it didn't make any sense, in my very un-logical mind.  (that is not a real word, I don't like the word illogical because it sounds like illegal).

I sat in the bus this morning and crocheted, happily, because I really liked the way this lady had done her
shawl.  I must have had a brain cramp, since I didn't think of making the picture larger.  ( I did that at work, and
it was clear that I had swayed away from the real thing and had done my own design.)
Sht happens. Still in the bus,  I frogged the creation almost to the beginning, put it in my bag and started reading my semi-fun book of senior citizens in a tour in Ireland.  Mind you, I only have the preview, if I like it enough, I must buy the rest of it.  I read the first book in the series, and it was not too bad.  Totally different from the detective thrillers that I have been reading lately.  I like those, but sometimes a person needs a break from
routine, doesn't she?  Oh, the book at the bus, Maddy Hunter:  Top O' The Mournin'.  I had read Alpine for You and also have lined-up Norway To Hide.  The first half of the first book (Alpine) was making me wonder why
I bought the book, but then, stubborn as I am, kept reading, and slowly started liking the story.  Some books are
not in my immediate  reaction to like section.  

At work I checked my files, and found the "real" pattern, the one in Katia magazine that I had bought at Creative Yarns.
I had scanned the chart for my OWN use. (if anyone wants a copy, talk to Nina, please, I ain't giving my copy to anyone.

My day was starting to look pretty good. I came in about an hour early, so I could tell about my insane events that eventually clear up with a project that will make me happy, until the next interesting project comes along.

I will keep my hook and thread close-by at lunch, and hope that nobody starts chatting with me, I want to be alone in my little crochet world.  

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Janet said...

I've been so absent from blogging that I just now saw this post. As always, you have so many things going on. I hope you get a pattern you're happy with and also find the right yarn.

Books either grab me right away or I don't read them. If I read 20 - 30 pages and I'm not completely interested then I give up. I know... I'm bad!