Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend yapping

Nothing special happened between now and yesterday's post.
Other than I didn't knit one stitch, lying, one row of 69 stitches and a few on the next row.
Well, that should count to almost nothing done.

Trying to get Adobe Digital Edition to open its arms and let my library book into my Kobo. My
"Knit One - Kill Two" book is behind locked doors. I have it on the Edition but I want to read it in my handy e-reader.

During my lunch hour at work, on Friday, I was happily crocheting a nice scrumble, which probably will be forgotten somewhere, since for a scrumble, I don't like what I did. The good thing is, that it
doesn't matter, it's not from a pattern, it was done during a card game with co-workers and the boss. Now I understand why this scrumble looks so miserable. haha.

Plans for today:

1. Laundry (and related chores within)
2. Dishes from last night (too busy doing nothing)
3. Vacuuming (why doesn't the machine follow me easily?)
4. clearing my clutter from this dining table (this one has been on my list for months)
5. Cleaning (like dusting, right!, wash the floors, clear some .... oh, now I am getting a headache)
6. Grocery shopping (milk, coffee, bread - should not amount to 99 dollars? but it will)
7. knitting (three choices right now, maybe more)
8. searching for something in my stash room (I will do this, even I have no plans yet)
9. Bedroom stuff, sheets and things, plus fluff the pillows. (This is fun)

And the above isn't necessarily in the order that anything gets done. I am curious, no, I know,
which one is the first. Just by knowing it, or thinking of knowing, I will do something else.
I left bathroom out on purpose, because that would have been number 10, and that would cause
my listing to go off the nicely organized fashion. Besides, the bathroom is my hubby's job.

Plans for Tomorrow:

1. Wake up when ever
2. Get ready to go out
3. Knit a little bit
4. Read a little bit, perhaps The Ghost Pirates, or e-mail
5. Go to Purple Purl
6. Have fun with friends
7. Come home
8. Make Dinner
9. Eat
10. Knit (I am sure of this one)
11. watch telly and go to sleep. (what's on TV?)

I hope my list comes out in orderly fashion, since I have two digit numbers there.
Again, some items are not in order, or are missing, but I really don't care.

What a nice day.

I have to get started, or else. Is there a way to eliminate most of those Saturday Chores, and leave more lazy time for that day? I could grocery shop on Friday after work, but that one doesn't always feel desirable. I just want to come home and relax, it's been a long week anyway.

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