Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Knit one purl some and then frog

It's been a busy week or two in the knitting department. Oh, I did some crocheting, too.
This Christmas ornament is the ugliest ornament I have ever seen.
It's crocheted with beads, over a silver ball. UGH. and the worst is that I made it. It's sitting on a shelf, and looks very sad.

The Aran sweater needs a button band, the one with holes. The other side is done. However, I decided that I only have a few nights left to finish a pullover for our granddaughter that I started finishing that one. It's almost done. Well, to me almost done means that half of the other sleeve needs to be done and then put the pieces together. I didn't have a pattern for that one, I had just measured a tee shirt and checked some patterns in the web to get an idea how many stitches and how long the sleeves should be.

Work world is very busy, I don't even have time to check my e-mail. Fortunately that makes my days go fast, and I get home faster...at least that's how it feels. We got our bonus cheques today with a letter chocolate. The chocolate is shaped with the first letter of your name. The boss gives those every year.

On Friday we have our Christmas lunch in a nearby restaurant. I am taking Thursday and Friday off, but will attend the lunch. How can I miss a great time with co-workers...?

We have a wild kid in the neighbourhood. He likes to rattle the door handle and then run away, and when we try to catch him, he's already at home. So, what did hubby do? He put butter on the door handle, the boy came, and tried to play with the handle again, but stopped quickly.

He has not disturbed us since then, that was about two weeks ago.

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Janet said...

I don't think the ornament is ugly! I think it looks very festive.
You just never cease to amaze me with your knitting. I'm having trouble finishing a plain garter stitch scarf!!
Have fun at your Christmas lunch and don't eat all that chocolate letter at one time!
Loved your husband's solution to the neighbor kid! That gave me a good laugh.