Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Empty thoughts

I was looking for little motifs for my jacket. I found a half finished doll, which I forgot I had started, I found two granny squares that I can use in our next crochet meeting for charity.
I also found some scrumbles I had made, that I forgot I had made. What I didn't find was a pair of purse handles that I had bought at Len's Mill store in December. Sherri and I went there, my hubby was driving, because there was a blizzard coming up, and sure it came. One blizzard in the winter, and it had to come when Sherri and I went yarn shopping.

I am so scared to go to my "stash" room that I hardly ever go there, I just go to the store and buy new stuff. Well, to be honest with you, I didn't actually go there today and take out some containers from the top of the shelf. I asked hubby do it. He did. I gasped, when I saw what was in the first contained. Nice, beautiful yarn that I could use on almost anything. I don't even know what the yarn is, it's so beautiful.

I must get back to reality. I must work on my jacket. I was going to make a purse with my scrumbles that I found, but since I couldn't find the handles, the purse stays as scrumbles.

There are no traffic whining to report, I've been quite relaxed lately, and didn't even get upset this morning when one driver in front of me and a few other cars decided to stop at the green light and then proceed on the red. I think we all had a little chuckle, instead of angry screams.

I wasn't late from work, I still had a full five minutes when I reached the door. Three staff members were waiting outside. Well, who am I? I am one of five who has the key to open the doors. One person, who is always early, was late, and I knew it, and the little devil told me not to rush to work this morning. I didn't. I stopped at the bank, and took some cash for lotto tickets, I also stopped at MacD to get a coffee and bacon and egg mcmuffin, and I also got a free newspaper. Don't think I go to MacD for the free paper, nah, it's just a bonus.

I wonder, if going slowly and relaxingly to work had anything to do with not getting upset with the dingaling who stopped at the green light. There must be something wrong with me.

It is amazing, how someone who constantly brings up the title, the boss has given, and uses it to sprinkle power sparkles over staff, does not worry about opening the doors in the morning. Oh, well, there is me, and that other person, who truly are loyal, and who really aren't responsible for the door opening ceremony. tsk tsk.

I think I will go to WalMart in the morning (the doors open at 7 a.m., can you believe it!), I wonder who opens the doors there. I might buy handles for the purse, that is not done, and is never going to be done, since I have too many purses. I just got inspired, because there are so many pictures of different purses everywhere. I am talking about funny purses and pretty purses, just like I would like to make. One of these days, yes. Maybe I could make a purse tonight, maybe....why not? No, I will not, not tonight.

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